Las Vegas Ragnar

Hi Friends,

I fell off the earth but now I am back! Ready to attack the blog world again and share my love of health and fitness with you all.

Starting with…another Ragnar! Yes, I ran another one and I can’t stay away!


Ragnar Finish Line

After I completed my 1st Ragnar, I immediately signed up for the Vegas Ragnar. I didn’t have enough interest for a full team so I signed up for a 6 pack where you provide a team of 6 and Ragnar matches you with another team of 6 to make a full team of 12. This worked out really well for us and we lucked out with an awesome and laid back team!

I was ecstatic about this Ragnar because I knew what to expect and my favorite little bean from Harness Your Energy agreed to join our team.

We traveled to Vegas, stayed in a hotel, rented a car and traveled to the glorious mountains that Vegas provides. Really? Mountains in Vegas? This Washington girl was just as surprised.

The 1st 15 seconds of my 1st leg was great until I got passed by a girl. In Ragnar world, it is not okay to get passed. If you get passed you are considered someones road kill and visa versa. Everyone keeps a tally of their roadkills on their vans and I was not about to let her have me. I decided to pace with her in order to hopefully pass her at the exchange. This girl could RUN. I ran the fasted I have ever ran in my entire life and beat the girl and the exchange. I immediately paid for it with cramped legs, but it was well worth it 🙂



The remainder of my two legs were also great! I loved running in the heat of Vegas and participating in the camaraderie of the race. There is no other race with the same amount of energy, craziness and beer. There is no other place where you become insta-BFF’s with complete strangers and find it completely acceptable to give bear hugs and high fives. There is no other race that unites a van full of stinky, sweaty, sleep deprived and sore humans the way Ragnar does. My van LAUGHED, and I mean LAUGHED until we cried with real tears streaming down our faces. Well, mostly my little bean and I laughed which resulted in the rest of the van laughing at us.

Also, I should mention that the real reason why I wanted to complete the Vegas Ragnar specifically is because you can earn a double medal by completing 2 Ragnars in one year. For completing the Northwest Passage and the Las Vegas race in the same year, I earned the Dueces Wild and Las Vegas medal!

These are memories that I will always treasure and I feel so blessed to have my health and the opportunity to push myself beyond my limits while somehow managing to call it fun.

Next Ragnar? Northwest Passage 2014. Cannot wait!

Click here to read about my 1st Northwest Passage Ragnar.


Thats all for now friends!


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1 Million Steps

Hi Friends,

I hope you are swell! If you woke up this morning looking for an awesome new challenge to start on Memorial Day, then today is your lucky day!

Are you ready put a little hop in your step and challenge yourself with something you already do every single day? Ready for it? I challenge you to walk!

Yup! That is it! Just a little walking!

I’m participating in a fun summer challenge to take 1 million steps between Memorial Day and Labor Day (that’s an average of 10,101 steps for 99 days) with a very cool company called ONVO.  They are all about wholebody health made simple and founded by Dr. Mark Adams. 
This challenge can be done by anyone, anywhere—and there are a lot of bonus things (like bragging rights, t-shirt, prizes, ice cream social, and food & fitness workshops).  You can read all the details at Summer of 1 Million Steps.
If you sign up with me, you can get $5 off the registration price ($60 for individuals/$90 for families/teams). I have no other ties with it this other than I believe in how they approach health and life. 
Sign-up is an easy “1, 2, 3” process:
  1. Go to Summer of 1 Million Steps
  2. Choose “Individual” or “Family/Team of 2” for your payment option
  3. Make payment and enter the discount code “Anahid” when prompted to receive your discount
It would be so fun to do this together!  Feel free to share this with anyone else that comes to mind too.  Will you join me?

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