Egg Stuffed Avocado Recipe

Hi Friends,

Like scrambled eggs?

Prepare to fall in love.

You may or may not have seen these delicious things before. I saw them and knew I had to create a recipe ChasingCake style.

Introducing Egg Stuffed Avocados!

Egg Stuffed Avocado


-2 whole avocados

-3 eggs

– ¼ cup chopped onion

– ¼ cup chopped bell pepper

– ¼ cup chopped tomato

– ½ teaspoon salt (or to taste)

– ½ teaspoon ground pepper (or to taste)

– ½ teaspoon garlic powder (or to taste)

*Any other goodies you want to add in



  1. Preheat oven to 350
  2. Slice avocados in half length wise
  3. Scoop out the inside of the avocado leaving a thin wall

Avocado Shell

  1. Combine eggs, onion, bell peppers, chopped tomatoes, salt, pepper and garlic powder in bowl.
  2. Balance avocado shells over a cupcake tin. I promise this will make your life easier. It gets really tricky to balance the avocado with the egg mixture otherwise.
  3. Evenly distribute egg mixture into avocado shells.

Avocado with egg mixture

  1. Bake for 15-20 minutes. Broil for 1 minute or until golden brown. Watch them carefully white your broil.
  2. Eat your heart out!

What I love about this:

-Delicious- enough said!

-You can mix it up! Want cheese and bacon? Add it on!

-Adds a fun twist to a regular egg scramble.

-5 year old boy approved.

– You will probably end up with more egg mixture than room for in your avocado shells. This is your dinner!

Egg Stuffed Avocado

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Dear Dad, Today I Simply Miss You.

Dear Dad,

Today is hard.

Today I simply miss you.

Today I have missed everything about you and carried you in the deepest most treasured part of my heart for four years.

I miss your face.

I miss your smile.

I miss your bahaha belly laugh.

I miss standing on your feet while you walked around. Pretending as if I was still 5 years old.

I miss hearing the way you unlocked the front door and running to the front door to greet you.

I miss your voice.

I miss you advice. I miss it a lot. No ones sits in my heart the way yours did.

I miss the way you loved my child like heart. You embraced it, adored it, cherished it and protected it. You understood it.

I miss calling you on your way home from work to ask you to bring home icecream. I always knew you would bring back at least three different kinds.

I miss the way you would eat it with me so I wouldn’t have to enjoy it alone.

I miss the way you clipped your nails so carefully.

I miss your amazing comfort. More than I could ever imagine.

I miss calling you on road trips. You always knew how to keep me awake.

I miss your hugs.

I miss seeing your shoes at the front door and I miss your precious soft feet.

I miss your adorable plaid shirts and matching vests.

I miss your handwriting, you were such an engineer.

I miss doing chemistry, math and physics with you. I hated the subjects but loved your devotion to me.

I miss the family gatherings we would have in our backyard. You used every excuse to gather everyone together.

I miss sitting around the fire with you. Just hanging out.

I miss you during every holiday, birthday and fathers day. What I would give to celebrate with your smile again!

I miss your special eggs. I can still taste them. I miss that you insisted on hand feeding them to us up until the last time you made them.

I miss watching you think.

I miss how you said moos-tard instead of mustard and yah-gurt instead of yoghurt.

I miss sitting on your shoulders…even when I was 23!

I miss the times I would hear you come home late at night, pretending to still be asleep knowing you would adjust my blankets and kiss my forehead.

I miss not worrying about my car, an oil change or tune up. You took care of everything!

I miss knowing you knew all the answers.

I miss your guidance.

I miss the way you called me “jootik” and “hamov”

I miss how you would bite our cheeks!

I miss your tough love because you knew I could do better and be better.

I miss taking pictures with you. You always appreciated a real smile.

I miss laughing at you for wearing tall white socks with brown leather sandals.

I miss you letting me take all the change out of your pockets.

I miss seeing the garage door open knowing you were working in the garage.

I miss how you took every opportunity to teach us a chemistry, math or physics lesson.

I miss how selfless you were. Always thinking of everyone else.

I miss your pop quiz phone calls. Sometimes…teehee!

I miss seeing “Dad” when my cell phone rings.

I miss you telling me you are proud of me.

I miss your oh so old fashioned ways. They were so valuable and I didn’t even know it.

I miss being your prized possession.

I miss leaving out my math tests on the table for you to see when you got home from work. I loved knowing you would be proud.

I miss your sense of humor and your silly jokes. You made everyone laugh.

I miss your perfectionism and how OCD you were about certain things.

I miss your incredible patience.

I miss how you understood my heart better than anyone ever will. I could never fool you.

I miss everything about you.

I miss the memories we were supposed to make.

What I am most grateful for is that you knew the person I could be and you guided me there. Never doubted me, never ever gave up on me. Always ensuring me that I already had everything in me to be the best Anahid I could possibly be. I carry with me every lesson and piece of advice you gave me. I use them every day! Although you are not physically here to guide me, the values you instilled in me are so deep and so true, they will guide me forever.

My heart rests in the power of Jesus, knowing that you are safe and happy with him. Knowing you are healthy and free of pain. Knowing you were saved by Him. Mostly, my heart rests in knowing that I will dance with you again.

For today, I simply miss you.

I love you infinity!

Your little hamov one,


1 Million Steps

Hi Friends,

I hope you are swell! If you woke up this morning looking for an awesome new challenge to start on Memorial Day, then today is your lucky day!

Are you ready put a little hop in your step and challenge yourself with something you already do every single day? Ready for it? I challenge you to walk!

Yup! That is it! Just a little walking!

I’m participating in a fun summer challenge to take 1 million steps between Memorial Day and Labor Day (that’s an average of 10,101 steps for 99 days) with a very cool company called ONVO.  They are all about wholebody health made simple and founded by Dr. Mark Adams. 
This challenge can be done by anyone, anywhere—and there are a lot of bonus things (like bragging rights, t-shirt, prizes, ice cream social, and food & fitness workshops).  You can read all the details at Summer of 1 Million Steps.
If you sign up with me, you can get $5 off the registration price ($60 for individuals/$90 for families/teams). I have no other ties with it this other than I believe in how they approach health and life. 
Sign-up is an easy “1, 2, 3” process:
  1. Go to Summer of 1 Million Steps
  2. Choose “Individual” or “Family/Team of 2” for your payment option
  3. Make payment and enter the discount code “Anahid” when prompted to receive your discount
It would be so fun to do this together!  Feel free to share this with anyone else that comes to mind too.  Will you join me?

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Nike+ Fuel Band- What I Love About It

Hi Friends,

I got a surprise toy on Friday and am in love with it so far and must tell you all about it.

I got the Nike+ Fuel band!


What I love most about this band is that it encourages me to move more. It doesn’t tell me to spend a certain number of hours in the gym, count my calories or to drink a crazy protein powder concoction. It simply encourages me to move!

What it tracks:

  • Your daily activity/movement which is converted into “Fuel”
  • Steps taken
  • Calories burned
  • It also tells the time

How is works:

  • Set a goal! Decide how active you want to be throughout the day. Adjust your Nike Fuel goal on your band accordingly. They give suggestions when you set up your band to direct you to a proper goal based off of your current level of movement.
  • Move! Shake it! Run! Garden! Dance!
  • Check your nifty band display throughout the day to check up on your progress. If you aren’t close to your goal you know you need to move!
  • You can also track your progress on your iPhone. There is a Nike+ Fuel App you can download to track your daily/weekly/monthly progress. You can even find friends who have the band and app and compete with them or hold them accountable. Love this part!


What I love most about it:

  • I have annoyingly tiny tiny wrists. This means that it is very rare if a bracelet fits me. Friends, this band comes in different sizes and within each size there are removable links   for a perfect fit.
  • Its super cute, slim and comfortable!
  • It doesn’t stick to my wrist when I sweat!
  • I can adjust my goal every single day!
  • I can track my progress simply by pressing a button on the band.
  • It tells time! I don’t have to wear a separate watch!
  • I can keep track of my friend’s progress who have the band
  • The battery lasts around three days!

What I wish it had:

  • A heart rate monitor. I know this would increase the price and eat up the battery so I am not that sad about it. I have a GPS watch that I wear running that has a heart rate monitor so I don’t really NEED it…just a wish.

Overall, I really like this little band. I have gone on several extra evening walks that I wouldn’t normally have gone on JUST to make my goal. It is making me move more and is bringing awareness to my movement throughout my day! I love how it is completely custom to each persons current fitness level and success is in reach!


Last night I went on a walk at 10:30pm with my Lulu Pup and mom to meet my goal!


I would love to find more friends who have this lovely gem! Let me know if you have one and what you think about it! My username is AnahidGazi.


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Part 2- I Dont Like To Run So I WIll Train For a 200 Mile Race

Click here for part 1 

Hi Friends, 

I wish I was writing this post to tell you all about my magical transformation and new love affair with running.

I wish I was here to tell you all that I have found a new passion and that my life has been forever changed.

And I wish I could tell you that I run like the rest of the gazelles on my team.

But… In all reality, every run is still a mental battle.

The wind still makes me ears freeze and I have to wear something called an ear bag to prevent the worst frozen ear headache

We have to make nose-blowing stops for yours truly- thanks to my allergies

Bugs fly into my eyeballs

My arms run into the garbage cans every Monday (trash day).

And with every run I secretly try to find a way out


Instead, I have chosen to call myself a gazelle in training.

I choose to put my best acting skills on and pretend to like running. You see my friends, I have made a decision and have committed to training for this crazy new adventure. Let’s be honest, I have also announced my new goal to the whole world and there is no way out.

All complaints aside, there are two things that are keeping me going:

  1. I am making progress! I can run further than I could two months ago and I can tackle hills better than I could two months ago! Also, I am ahead of my training schedule. I am now running around 4 miles three times a week. This gives me encouragement and make me proud of myself! Woohoo!
  2. I have the best running buddies ever! Really! I do! We have a no excuses rule and we hold each other to it! No matter what, we have to run at least three days a week with each other. We have also promised to not leave each other behind on our runs. We start every run together and we finish together. One of us is always feeling better than the other and we use this as a push and as encouragement. We laugh, complain, tell stories, question our sanity and we celebrate every run as an accomplishment!

Also, we ran in the pouring down rain with metro buses splashing dirty road water on us. Does this qualify us as real runners? What I think I look like when run. What I actually look like when I run



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Chocolate Cake

Hi Friends,

A blog with the name ChasingCake must have a cake recipe in it at some point. Well, that point has come. Chocolate cake is here. Yay!

This is not the kind of chocolate cake that will leave you in an unwanted sugar coma. Or the kind of chocolate cake that is so sweet you feel like you just ran across the desert and need to chug gallons of water. Even better, not the kind of chocolate cake that will make you a slave to the gym!

Chocolate Cake

It is just sweet enough, just moist enough and just healthy enough to make it delicious while satisfying that sweet tooth! It is approved!

Promise you wont regret making this one!


-1 Banana

-2 eggs

– 1/3 cup Coconut Oil

-1 teaspoon baking powder

-1/3 cup brown rice flour

-1/3 cup maple syrup- the good kind! I got mine from Trader Joes. Check your ingredients! There should only be one.

-1/2 teaspoon salt

-2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

-1/3 cup cooled drip coffee


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Blend together the eggs, banana, coconut oil, maple syrup and drip coffee until the banana is blended in smoothly. Transfer to a bowl. In a separate bowl combine baking powder, brown rice flour, salt and cocoa powder. Gradually add the dry mixture to wet mixture, making sure there are no chunks. Spray/butter a loaf pan and pour in mixture. Drizzle one tablespoon maple syrup on top before placing in the oven. Bake for 35 minutes or until a toothpick comes out cleanly from the center.

Chocolate Cake

This recipe was inspired by the amazing girls from! They created their own Perfect Fit Protein powder that was in their original recipe- I replaced it with brown rice flour. I actually made two batched of this cake. One with their Perfect Fit Protein and one with the brown rice flour. They were both delicious and I couldn’t tell them apart.

Although the ingredients are clean, remember this is a treat…but one that you can enjoy without the guilt!


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Start Where You Are Today.

Hi Friends,

I love goals. I think they are awesome. I think more people need to make them.

Daring ones. Crazy ones. Simple ones.

Goals that are scary. Goals that will make you better. Goals that will make you grow. Even goals that seem impossibly out of reach.

Go get em’ tiger!

Am I trying to set you up for failure? Psh! Never my friends! I just want you to know that you are so much better than you think you are. You are nothing less than anyone else who is reaching their goals. You are awesome, strong, capable and have everything you need to reach your goals.

You may crumble, totally suck some days and wanna quite. That’s okay too! Really, it is! The wanting to part…not the actual quitting part!

The most important piece of goal making? 

Start Small

You have to start where you are today, not where you want to be. 

Start small! If your goal is to run a 5k, start by walking 1 mile. Find success in walking your mile, then walk 1.5 miles. Your success will give you the confidence you need to keep chugging along. On the other hand, if you goal is to run a 5k and you walk out the door determined to run a mile for the first times since 8th grade P.E. I can tell you for sure it’s not going to feel so amazing and you probably wont want to feel not so amazing the next time you go out there…so you may not. And that would be sad. Break up your big goal into smaller baby goals. As small as they need to be.

It is okay to start where you are. Accept where you are, knowing that you won’t be there once you have reached your goal.

Also, put meaning behind your goal. Why is this important to you? Knowing the “why” will help determine your “how”.

Starting small in the beginning will mean winning big in the end!

What is your goal? Leave me a comment below letting me know! I love being inspired by amazing goals! My small goal is to get 10 goal comments on this post and 10 new subscribers. Will you help me get there? Share this post with your pals and like Chasing Cake on Facebook to help me get there. Thanks Friends…you are all the greatest!