I am so ecstatic that you stopped by!

My name is Anahid and to be frank, I love being healthy AND I love cake!

What does this mean and why did I start this blog? I have been a health enthusiast for many moons and it is my goal to show people how easy it is to chase after a healthy and fabulous life…while eating your cake! Being a healthy and well rounded human seems so far away for many because to be honest, it seems daunting, expensive, time consuming and HARD! Who would want to sign up for all those? Not me! I want to show you how simple and fun being healthy can be!

So stick around and lets be healthy and fabulous while we eat some cake!

More about me..

Purple is my favorite color.
I want to make you feel amazing, fabulous, healthy, and awesome!
Positivity is one of my top 5 strengths according to strengthfinders.
I am a group exercise junkie
And I love free trial group exercise classes.
I certainly have my days, and not the good kind!
I am not afraid to admit it.
I can eat bell peppers like apples
And a whole bag of chips.
I will not preach perfection to you
Just how to be your most awesome self.
I really dont like to run
and I think road cyclists look super awesome.
This one time, I thought everyone was going to die in the end
So I ate many burgers and french fries and gained a bunch of weight…then I woke up! Phew!
I have a slight obsession with polar bears, glue guns, long socks
And cute workout clothes
And I think that you can run faster in colorful neon sneakers.
I love to craft
And document many moments of my life with pictures.
I drive my friends nuts but lets be real…who doesn’t appreciate the pictures now?
I am free spirited, love to laugh and go on adventures.
I have jungle hair and it only took me 24 years to tame the beast.

Back Ground (Just in case you want to make sure I am legit):

  • BS in Exercise and Sports Science from Western Washington University
  • Certified Health and Fitness Specialist through the American College of Sports Medicine

Anahid Head Shot