Exploring Washington- Colchuck Lake

Hello Friends,

After my adventure to Discovery Park, I decided I was hooked on this life theme and I needed to go bigger. Like mountains bigger.

The Enchantments. Go only if you want to be left breathless. 

Once again, I had seen pictures of this magical place and heard stories as people journeyed for days at a time as they hiked their way through the enchantments. It was my turn, just a little toned down and with a much smaller backpack.

We drove two hours to a Bavarian town called Leavenworth. This adorable place alone is one of my favorite places to visit during the winter months because it literally feels like you inside a Christmas snow globe. Santa comes to life, there are dancing Christmas trees, hot chocolate tastes better and kids are sledding. It’s almost not real, except it totally is. 

We drove past Leavenworth and on a dirt road for miles before we got to the trail head of Colchuck lake which is the very first part of the Enchantments. The gateway to the Enchantments if you will. We saw many groups of people taking inventory of all their gear for their journey ahead. I felt really good about my $25 Costco backpack and my pb&j sandwich. These people looked pretty rad, not even going to lie about it. 

This hike was one of my favorites. It started out pretty mellow but had very diverse terrain. There were super easy flat parts and more intense times where we had to climb up boulders. There was what seemed like a giant boulder fields, several water falls, bridges, the tiniest little chipmunk friends and breathtaking views at every corner. 

As we were hiking I turned to Devon and realized that hiking is a lot like life. There are parts that are super steep and difficult to walk through, parts that are flat that you coast through but in the end, you make it through the journey and realize it was totally worth the ride and beautiful the whole way. You guys, I am super awesome at analogies 🙂

When we got to the top of the hike, I was literally left breathless as I gasped at the creation that was before me. Water so blue and crystal clear, mountains so tall, glaciers so large and all of it in one place so perfectly created. The air was so crisp and cold and there was a peace about the lake that could not be ignored or explained. 

We had our awesome lunch, hiked around and froze a little before we decided to head back down. It was just as awesome on the way down (but a whole lot easier) with a whole new perspective of our surroundings. Things just looked different on the way down.

This hike was 8 miles of beauty. These pictures don’t even come close to giving this hike justice. But they are still awesome and I am obviously going to share them.


Where should I go next?



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