Part 3- I Don’t Like To Run So I Will Train For a 200 Mile Race

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Hi Friends, 

Ragnar is almost one week away! Eeeek! For those of you just catching on, I hate running and I am training for a 200 mile relay race. It’s how I roll.

Many updates to be made about this whole running business.

Update One: I still don’t like running. I thought for sure I would love running by now and maybe even experience this so called runners high but I simply don’t. What I do love is the way I feel after a run and the progress that I have made. I love the physical and mental challenge, but mostly, kicking its rump! I love running up crazy hills, shaving minutes off of our time, improving our form and knowing that we are capable of achieving success!

Update Two: My running legs have been assigned to me! Woop woop! I am runner number 2 out of 12. I am super excited about this because my training buddy is runner number one! I am sure he will have many words of encouragement before he passes the baton off to me! Thanks running buddy!! Couldn’t have made it this far without you!

My Legs:

Leg 1: 6.8 miles

Leg 2: 3.8 miles

Leg 3: 3.0 miles

I am pretty excited about my legs. I feel really prepared both mentally and physically. My teammates are some of the most positive and supportive people I know and cannot wait to cheer each other on!

Update Three: Our start time has been determined! We are starting at 6:15 am. My goodness! We are all meeting at work at 3:15am and driving up north to Blain WA where the race begins. I am not excited to meet up with everyone at 3:15 am…we might see a whole new side of each other! Just kidding, I am sure we will take one look at each other, agree that we are nuts and out of our minds and burst out in laughter! At least there wont be any traffic!

Update Four: My training buddies are the best. Their support has been amazing! There is no other group I would rather complain with for 5 miles!

Training so far:

We have been running around 5 miles at a 9:30-ish pace 3x/week. We train in a very hilly area which slows down our pace a bit.  This will be to our advantage during the race though!

In order to prepare for three runs within 36 hours of each other we ran three run in 12 hours for a total of 10.58 miles. The last run caught up to me during the last mile but we did it!!

Today we are going to run eight miles with all of our gear on. Since each runner will have one leg in the middle of the night, everyone is required to run with a reflective vest, flashing light and head lamp. We going to look super cute! We are going to practice running with all this stuff on…in the middle of the day. People might be concerned for us.

In Conclusion: I am actually super excited for the race. All complaining aside, I cannot wait! I have come a long long way with my running journey and am excited to run this race! I know we are going to make a lifetime of deliriously tired memories and laugh and complain the whole way through! My team is made up of some of the most determined, focused, athletic and awesomely funny people ever! This shall be very interesting and I cannot wait to tell you all about it!


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3 thoughts on “Part 3- I Don’t Like To Run So I Will Train For a 200 Mile Race

  1. woooohhooooo!!! i can’t wait to hear about it!! I wish we could face time during your run but I know that is not possible. Love you sis!!!

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