1 Million Steps

Hi Friends,

I hope you are swell! If you woke up this morning looking for an awesome new challenge to start on Memorial Day, then today is your lucky day!

Are you ready put a little hop in your step and challenge yourself with something you already do every single day? Ready for it? I challenge you to walk!

Yup! That is it! Just a little walking!

I’m participating in a fun summer challenge to take 1 million steps between Memorial Day and Labor Day (that’s an average of 10,101 steps for 99 days) with a very cool company called ONVO.  They are all about wholebody health made simple and founded by Dr. Mark Adams. 
This challenge can be done by anyone, anywhere—and there are a lot of bonus things (like bragging rights, t-shirt, prizes, ice cream social, and food & fitness workshops).  You can read all the details at Summer of 1 Million Steps.
If you sign up with me, you can get $5 off the registration price ($60 for individuals/$90 for families/teams). I have no other ties with it this other than I believe in how they approach health and life. 
Sign-up is an easy “1, 2, 3” process:
  1. Go to Summer of 1 Million Steps
  2. Choose “Individual” or “Family/Team of 2” for your payment option
  3. Make payment and enter the discount code “Anahid” when prompted to receive your discount
It would be so fun to do this together!  Feel free to share this with anyone else that comes to mind too.  Will you join me?

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2 thoughts on “1 Million Steps

    • Hi David!You can sign up as a family to save on the cost! As Dr. Mark puts it best, think about this being part of your medical bill! Anything to encourage positive and fun movement in your day 🙂

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