Nike+ Fuel Band- What I Love About It

Hi Friends,

I got a surprise toy on Friday and am in love with it so far and must tell you all about it.

I got the Nike+ Fuel band!


What I love most about this band is that it encourages me to move more. It doesn’t tell me to spend a certain number of hours in the gym, count my calories or to drink a crazy protein powder concoction. It simply encourages me to move!

What it tracks:

  • Your daily activity/movement which is converted into “Fuel”
  • Steps taken
  • Calories burned
  • It also tells the time

How is works:

  • Set a goal! Decide how active you want to be throughout the day. Adjust your Nike Fuel goal on your band accordingly. They give suggestions when you set up your band to direct you to a proper goal based off of your current level of movement.
  • Move! Shake it! Run! Garden! Dance!
  • Check your nifty band display throughout the day to check up on your progress. If you aren’t close to your goal you know you need to move!
  • You can also track your progress on your iPhone. There is a Nike+ Fuel App you can download to track your daily/weekly/monthly progress. You can even find friends who have the band and app and compete with them or hold them accountable. Love this part!


What I love most about it:

  • I have annoyingly tiny tiny wrists. This means that it is very rare if a bracelet fits me. Friends, this band comes in different sizes and within each size there are removable links   for a perfect fit.
  • Its super cute, slim and comfortable!
  • It doesn’t stick to my wrist when I sweat!
  • I can adjust my goal every single day!
  • I can track my progress simply by pressing a button on the band.
  • It tells time! I don’t have to wear a separate watch!
  • I can keep track of my friend’s progress who have the band
  • The battery lasts around three days!

What I wish it had:

  • A heart rate monitor. I know this would increase the price and eat up the battery so I am not that sad about it. I have a GPS watch that I wear running that has a heart rate monitor so I don’t really NEED it…just a wish.

Overall, I really like this little band. I have gone on several extra evening walks that I wouldn’t normally have gone on JUST to make my goal. It is making me move more and is bringing awareness to my movement throughout my day! I love how it is completely custom to each persons current fitness level and success is in reach!


Last night I went on a walk at 10:30pm with my Lulu Pup and mom to meet my goal!


I would love to find more friends who have this lovely gem! Let me know if you have one and what you think about it! My username is AnahidGazi.


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