Part 2- I Dont Like To Run So I WIll Train For a 200 Mile Race

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Hi Friends, 

I wish I was writing this post to tell you all about my magical transformation and new love affair with running.

I wish I was here to tell you all that I have found a new passion and that my life has been forever changed.

And I wish I could tell you that I run like the rest of the gazelles on my team.

But… In all reality, every run is still a mental battle.

The wind still makes me ears freeze and I have to wear something called an ear bag to prevent the worst frozen ear headache

We have to make nose-blowing stops for yours truly- thanks to my allergies

Bugs fly into my eyeballs

My arms run into the garbage cans every Monday (trash day).

And with every run I secretly try to find a way out


Instead, I have chosen to call myself a gazelle in training.

I choose to put my best acting skills on and pretend to like running. You see my friends, I have made a decision and have committed to training for this crazy new adventure. Let’s be honest, I have also announced my new goal to the whole world and there is no way out.

All complaints aside, there are two things that are keeping me going:

  1. I am making progress! I can run further than I could two months ago and I can tackle hills better than I could two months ago! Also, I am ahead of my training schedule. I am now running around 4 miles three times a week. This gives me encouragement and make me proud of myself! Woohoo!
  2. I have the best running buddies ever! Really! I do! We have a no excuses rule and we hold each other to it! No matter what, we have to run at least three days a week with each other. We have also promised to not leave each other behind on our runs. We start every run together and we finish together. One of us is always feeling better than the other and we use this as a push and as encouragement. We laugh, complain, tell stories, question our sanity and we celebrate every run as an accomplishment!

Also, we ran in the pouring down rain with metro buses splashing dirty road water on us. Does this qualify us as real runners? What I think I look like when run. What I actually look like when I run



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9 thoughts on “Part 2- I Dont Like To Run So I WIll Train For a 200 Mile Race

  1. That’s why I always wear shades when running. Even when it’s rainy out. I hate crap flying in my eyes. Go Anahid!

  2. That’s why I always wear shades when running. I hate crap flying in my eyes.

    And every run is still a battle for me too :o)

  3. Hahaha, I love the meme you chose for this post. I wish I looked amazing when I run too, but I look more like a combination of a t-rex and Steve Urkle. It’s embarrassing. Also, I know how you feel… 2 years ago I vowed to run in a 12k to support a cause that my acting coach was putting on. I started barely being able to even complete a mile and over the course of 4 months I made it all the way up to 8 miles. I was sincerely hoping that it would develop into an amazing passion and I would be one of those “running is so freeing!” people, but seriously… after the 12k…. I never felt like running 8 miles again. It’s boring to me. Not to mention, I’m pretty certain that the neighbors drive by and laugh at my awkward stride 😉

    • Thank you Rachel!Your comment made me laugh 🙂 I can relate to you SO much! The only thing that is keeping me going is the fact that my running buddies also hate running and we laugh at ourselves the whole time! I am still waiting to experience this so called “runners high” people speak of!

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