The Texting Workout

Hi Friends,

Before we get started, lets clarify that texting with your thumbs is not exercise.

I am SO excited to share this awesome and genius idea with you all. My super busy neighbor, momma of 4 (almost 5) is a rockstar and super fit. She surely does not have hours to spend in the gym and still manages to stay active throughout the day.

She told me about how she works movement into her day. You see, her sister and friends are also busy mommas who want to stay awesome and fit. How do they do this?

They hold each other accountable.

Everyday they text each other a list of exercises that they have to complete before the day is over. When they finish the list they simply text each other “Done!” They can do all of the exercise at once or break them up throughout the course of the day. The key is to choose exercise that can be done anywhere.

Example Text:

-20 Jumping Jacks

-10 Pushups

-20 Crunches

-10 Burpees

-20 alternating lunges

-Jog in place for 2 minutes

Do you get the idea? This doesn’t necessarily replace all forms of exercise but it is an awesome way to build in movement on those busy days when you don’t have a chunk of time to set aside for a full on workout. It can also be a fun way to kick your friends booty! Mad at them? Send them a longer list. Teehee!

Your homework: Find someone who will be your texting workout buddy. Your mom, sister, BFF, hubby, neighbor, boss, pharmacist, dog walker, whoever it is, make sure they are accountable! Get creative and commit to this for at least seven days.

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iPhone ChasingCake-2

P.S. I finally joined the iPhone world. Yay!

Happy texting!



5 thoughts on “The Texting Workout

  1. “The key is to choose exercise that can be done anywhere.”

    Not everyone can afford to pay for a gym membership, but everyone has some “spare change” of time (even if just 10-15 minutes) to do things that don’t require any equipment. Great idea with accountability via texting too. Cheers!

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