The Best Workout- An Answer That May Surprise You

Hi Friends,

People often come to me looking for THE answer. Almost like the magic pill that is going to instantly make you fit, dissolve away excess fat, tone you up and make you look hot. But the answer they are looking for is not a magic pill. They are looking for the magic workout.

If you come to me asking for “the best workout” I can prescribe a booty kickin’, heart thumping workout, suggest the newest workout fad, tell you to go on a hike, become a yogi, train for a race, or to become a group exercise junkie. You may do these for a while but, but more often than not, for some reason you will probably stop. Why you ask? Several reasons.

Most common reasons why people stop their exercise plans:

-Too difficult

-Too boring

-Takes up too much time

-Too expensive

-Too much, too soon, too fast

-Not seeing results fast enough

-Lack of motivation….

Are you getting the point people?

Question: What is the best workout I can do?

Anahid’s Answer: The one you will actually do!

MMmhhm…bet you weren’t expecting that answer.

Best Workout Quote_ChasingCake

The biggest misconception is that you have to go to the gym, sweat buckets, and destroy yourself to get fit. It doesn’t matter if your neighbor is doing Crossfit and bragging about their blisters, if your sister is obsessed with her new Pilates class, or if your BFF has hours to spend at the gym.  If it doesn’t work for you, it won’t work for you.

The Key: Finding a form of movement that you enjoy and will fit into your lifestyle.

Do you value spending time with your family and friends more than going to the gym?  Then take time after dinner to go on a family bike ride. Love spending time with your girlfriends? Skip happy hour and try out a new group exercise class. Need to expend some of your kiddos energy and get a quick workout in as well? Chase them around the park. Need accountability? Find someone who is already motivated and ask them to hold you accountable.

Take a step back and evaluate what is important to you and try to incorporate physical activity into that!

Hope to see you movin’ soon my friends. Nothing feels better than feeling awesome!


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