Blog LOVE.

My Friends,

I just about died. Really.

You see, once upon a time there was this girl named Courtney. I met this bundle of joy summer of 2011 when she was our intern at the corporate company I am a Health Fitness Specialist for.



If she wasn’t blond I would be convinced that one of us was given up for adoption at birth. We were instantly BFF’s and inseparable the entire summer. What I love most about Courtney is how incredibly positive, hard working, fitness loving, motivating, inspiring she is -and of course, her fun loving personality!

My friend Courtney ALSO has a blog. And on her blog is where I found this:

Blog LOVE.

I was truly and simply touched, from the bottom of my little heart that she did this. People, this was my very first blog shout out and I was stoked to say the least! It was so amazing that out of the blue, she supported me, encouraged me, my passion and our friendship! Thank you, Courtney!

I would be HONORED to do the same for her.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the beautiful and extremely fit (uh hum, check out that picture!) Courtney  at



Visit her blog and show her some love. Because she is awesome!



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