Tabata- “No Time” is not an excuse!

Hi Friends,

Have excuses? Or shall we call them “reasons”? Who doesn’t?

We all have stuff going on…papers to write, e-mails to respond to, dinners to cook, kids to shuffle around, soccer games to referee, houses to clean and the list goes on and on and on. Now let me ask you something? How much MORE difficult are all those things to do when you aren’t feeling your best? Yup, thats what I thought!

Keeping up with your health is a must if you want to keep up with your life people! It shouldn’t be on the backburner! In fact it should be front and center, high on your to do list and your priority!

The BIGGEST excuse I hear every single day is “I don’t have time.”

Mmhmm…I don’t buy it.

Not one bit.

This is why!

Did you just check out your newsfeed on Facebook? Post a picture on Instagram? Truth is, that probably took you about 8-10 minutes.

I have got news for you! That is just enough time to get your bummy moving, your heart beating and your cheeks blushin’!

Introducing my BFF….TABATA! No, not ciabatta, TABATA!


Tabata is a form of interval training that can incorporate any exercise(s).
-4 minutes total! Yup! Told ya you had time!
-20 seconds of booty bustin’
-10 seconds of rest
-Total of 8 rounds

Example with Pushups
Round 1
-20 seconds: pushups
-10 seconds: rest
Round 2
-20 seconds: pushups
-10 seconds: rest
Round 3
Repeat until
Round 8
-20 seconds: Pushups

I LOVE to do Tabata with two exercises for a total of 8 minutes. The combinations of exercises are endless but one of my favorites is pushups and squats:

Round 1:
20 seconds: Squats
10 seconds: Rest
20 seconds: Pushups
10 seconds: rest
Repeat for 8 rounds

Are you starting to get the hang of this? You can do 3 exercises for 12 minutes or 4 exercises for a total of 16 minutes! 16 minutes that will leave your bummy wooped and your day refreshed and energized. Getting your body moving has endless benefits and one of my favorites is how energized and and productive I feel afterwards. Besides, how often do you hear anyone say “man, I really wish I hadn’t worked out?” Yea, never.

You have NO excuse to not move today. It is only 4 minutes! After you are done reading this post, I challenge you to get off your bummy and do at least 4 minutes of tabata with any exercise of your choice…jumping jacks, squats, pushups, lunges, calf raises, crunches, planks, high knees etc!

Here is a link to an online Tabata timer. You can add exercises (they call them tabatas) by clicking on “Tabatas” then the (+) button.

Ready? Set? GO!




Side Plank




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