This is where it all begins.

Hi Friends,

Welp, getting started is the toughest part and also the most exciting part so let’s get this blog movin’!

I surely do have an “about me” page but I thought that I should go more in depth and tell y’all all about me, where I am from and why this blog is about to be my new baby.

I am from Washington state, 100% Armenian and nothing like the Kardashians (although I wouldn’t mind having their hair). My parents brought my family to America when I was 4 years olds in hopes of providing a better life for my sister and me. I can most positively say they succeeded. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Growing up, I had no other responsibility than going to school, and acing my math tests. This is not abnormal for an Armenian family…someone in the family must always become a lawyer, doctor or someone with many credentials after their name. My sister took one for the team. Thanks Dister!

While we both went onto college and successfully graduated, she knew EXACTLY what she wanted to do and I had absolutely no idea. I THOUGHT I wanted to be a math teacher. One full year into my math major I admitted what I knew all along…majoring in math really sucked! All the while, I was continuing one of my biggest passions in life, cheerleading. Yup! I was a cheerleader in high school and in college. One time I even fulfilled a life long dream and wore the mascot costume for half a basketball game. We will save that one for later. Anyways, back to my story. One of my teammates was majoring in community health and she seemed to like it, I liked health and that was enough for me. Two quarters into THAT major I discovered Exercise and Sports Science and I knew it would stop there! Third time WAS the charm. (note: after all that, I only graduated 1 quarter behind…thanks to quarters filled with 22 credits)

I loved every minute of my college experience and everything I learned from school but funny enough, it wasn’t until after I graduated that I learned what I now practice daily. It wasn’t until my hero, my rock, my inspiration, my buddy, my dad passed away after a 15 month long grueling battle with pancreatic cancer that I really understood the value of health. We asked my dad in the midst of his battle if he could have ANYTHING in the world what it would be. His answer, so simple. Health.

As simple as his answer was is how attainable being healthy is!

I started this blog to share my passion with you. I want to take the take the fear out of health and put fun and attainable back in. We own the right to be healthy, happy and fabulous and I cant wait to share my workouts, tricks, recipes, challenges, favorite gear and life long journey with you!

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4 thoughts on “This is where it all begins.

  1. I am so excited about Anahid’s blog. I’ve known Anahid for several years now – so I’m qualified to say, that Anahid is honest, caring, loving…… and to top it all off, she’s intelligent. I have enjoyed over the years, discussing nutrition and health with her – she knows what she’s talking about! Oh! Did I mention,…… she’s fun too! Thank you Anahid! I really look forward to more!!!!

  2. Loving the blog, Anahid. Hit me with some more health truth, i’m all about it. I’ve been dabbeling in the paleo lifestyle and its been my go-to for nutritional happiness. I’ve totally changed my diatary habits since school. Anyways take care!

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